Monday, August 18, 2008

Photos - Aug 18, 2008

A cicada shell found along Turkey Creek Trail during my homeward commute.

The bank lobby was closed and I had business to conduct. I rode through a drive-through lane.

Monday Night Ride photos.

You'd hardly know it's August what with the mild temperature today. Also, Jason gave me the hookup on one of his old tail lights so that I won't feel so vulnerable out on the road pre-dawn. Thanks, buddy! I sense a full round trip tomorrow.


Apertome said...

Great photos. I *love* the backlit one, and I think I spot a Long Haul Trucker in the next shot. Excellent.

Noah said...

Wow. "Backlit" took me by surprise. I was honestly not pleased with how it turned out, other than the fact that I managed to get the camera pretty much level for the shot (which was, as you can imagine) taken by holding the camera down by my right foot while rolling along at about 15 MPH. Had I been able to compose it "my way" I would have liked the sun to be directly behind someone. I honestly thought the shot wouldn't be sunny, because of the canopy of trees. This shot just happened to get backlit by coincidence of me not paying attention.

At least 4 people have echoed your sentiment about that shot. I almost didn't even bother posting it.

Noah said...

Oh, and yes, that's Tim on his Trucker. He's one of my two local friends that took the plunge. If I replace Hybridzilla, it may very well be an LHT for me as well.

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