Tuesday, August 19, 2008


61°F this morning. I actually had to warm into my bike ride. Coming out of winter, I usually use 50° as my guide to determine whether or not to wear long pants and sleeves. This morning, however, I was kind of chilly for the first few minutes of riding. Karen e-mailed me yesterday saying she'd be on the road this morning and wondered if I'd wait up for her. I stopped at 79th street and waited.

While waiting, I noticed a car down the road with its hazard lights on. It's the one in the left lane pointed away from the camera.

As we rode past, it was obvious that the car's transmission was shot. The acrid stench of caramelized Mercon, the characteristic whirr of the transmission's front pump grinding against itself (not getting any fluid) and the mechanical ratcheting of computerized solenoids and a valve body struggling to make sense of it all. This car wasn't going anywhere without some help. I was not prepared to offer such, and the occupants of the stopped car to the left (perpendicular to traffic) seemed to be offering assistance.

The Sun is coming up later and later. My puny 5W halogen bulb is not ideal for this kind of riding, but with the sun coming up later, I get a good view of the earlier phases of the sunrise.

Although we weren't running behind schedule and our average speed was typical (about 17 MPH) we still managed to run into a train on Southwest Blvd. My guess is this train was running behind schedule.

Daybreak over the Power & Light district

Lorin getting his grub on at Starbucks.

Random Tunage:
Sarah McLachlan - Possession
Active Sight - Take The Day As It Comes

The Active Sight track is my new favorite spine-chilling trance anthem. Ranks right up there with Ferry Corsten's Galaxia and the Hiver & Hammer remix of Kate Ryan's Only If I -- All of which are tracks you should take a listen to if you enjoy electronic music.

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