Saturday, August 23, 2008

My new niece

Friday, I had to ride to Research Medical Center after work. My sister in law had an emergency Caesarean section and delivered her new daughter, who she actually named after my wife. She's a preemie, and weighs in at a scant 4lb, 1oz.

I was initially planning on catching a Metro Area Express bus to get to Brookside, from where getting to Research Med would be a piece of cake. After missing the bus, then passing it at a good clip, I decided to ride the whole way. This would be a new adventure for me, as I don't have much experience riding through midtown. My commuter intuition didn't serve me as well here as it does in the suburbs, what with the mess of one-way streets and all. I managed to find some great roads in not-so-great neighborhoods (not that I felt threatened or afraid), some horrible roads, some big hills and some roads that were probably more traffic-loaded than I'd have liked. I got to the hospital in one piece, though.


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Tom said...

Hey congrats! I hope your sister-in-law and her new daughter are doing well.

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