Friday, August 22, 2008

Most enjoyable morning

I kicked off my morning with mild temperatures, lower humidity, and a great sunrise that I wish I could have caught on camera. The Twelve handles a lot differently with loaded panniers. Note that prior to this week, I hadn't ridden this bike at all since June 4th, and today was the first time with panniers on it since I started using it on Monday. It feels a lot more like the bike I remember, but it's completely different from the bike that I'd been getting used to.

As this is a relatively small frame, I had to adjust the rack quite a bit from the recommended settings. It's up quite a bit higher than my old rack used to be (adjustable-length main stays) and back as far as it will go, just so that my feet don't hit the panniers. The spring-loaded rack is nice, but it makes for an interesting time attaching the panniers, too. I think I've finally got that part figured out.

Now, we see how long this rear wheel holds up. I have a feeling that a static weight load combined with Kansas City's craptastic roads are both part of why I keep trashing spokes and ruining wheels.

Pics of the new setup coming tonight.

Random Tunage:
Denki Groove - Niji
Orbital - Lush 3-1

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