Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pea Soup

It was really foggy this morning. Knowing full well I would encounter my daily wrong-way bike ninja, I broke out the camera in video mode. Sorry the video starts sideways, I had my eyes on the road and started recording earlier than I'd intended.

The fog wasn't too bad in Johnson County. Karen and I saw a few more newbies on bikes. Bicycle commuting is getting quite popular. Furthermore, one guy who we've seen sidewalkin' it for the past few days finally got a headlight. Too bad he hasn't learned that riding on Nieman at 6:00AM won't kill him.

By the time we were getting ready to cross into Missouri, the fog was pea soup. It was so dense that it was condensing on my bike, my mirror, and leaving droplets on the hairs of my arms and eyebrows. Visibility had dropped considerably.

I had a decent breakfast before leaving home this morning, so I renounced my mocha addiction for the day, opting for a piping hot cup o' joe instead.

Oh yeah, I had some geeky security nerd fun last night. Read about it on HiR Information Report if you're into that kind of thing.

Random Tunage:
Orbital - Pants
Chumbawamba - Mary Mary


Sirrus Rider said...

Remember. When beset by a bike ninja you must raise your pump high and defend an arc of twice your arms reach. If the bike ninja violates this "Sacred Arc" then strike at the spokes of his front wheel and deliver him to the pavement.

A quote from "A pump and One Wheel" by Miamoto Bikenazi

Noah said...

Positively fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Is displaying white on the rear fender legal? I have some kick-rear tape that I would like to put back there, but I've stuck to red to be within what I think the law is.

Noah said...

I don't think it could possibly be any LESS legal than having white reflective piping all over my reflective vest and the panniers. Keep in mind I also have a DOT-legal red reflector and two red tail lights shining.

Sairen said...

Wow, that guy is seriously just BEGGING to be hit by someone. Maybe you!

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