Thursday, July 10, 2008

Freedom To Travel

Last night, I had to stick around downtown for a geeky nerd meeting at the library. I watched as all of the Johnson County-bound buses filtered through Kansas City, and eventually disappeared entirely.

Once 6:00PM comes, TheJO pretty much leaves Johnson County residents stranded downtown. When I first started using the bus, before I got my bike, getting stuck downtown was a pretty major concern of mine. It's still a concern for others as well. As I seem to be the go-to guy around the office for all those who are considering transit, I try to alleviate fears by mentioning MARC's Guaranteed Ride Home program. I've never had to use it myself, and won't likely use it in the future, but I am signed up.

Commerce Bank Building:

Instead, I relish in the fact that I can get pretty much anywhere in the greater KC area I would possibly need to be in 90 minutes or less from anywhere else in the greater KC area without spending one red cent on gasoline. All the while, I'm enjoying the breeze on my skin, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the ability to exchange greetings with other cyclists and pedestrians -- a constituent of people that's becoming seemingly larger with each passing day.

Homeward bound on Main Street. Two Tallbike riders are present down the road a ways.

I've zoomed in on them. Notice their feet are not much lower than the roofline of nearby cars. Looks like fun.

This black car was parked (yes, parked!) two feet from the curb and 30 feet from the liquor store. I'm just taking a wild guess, but the driver's probably already had more than plenty to drink.

I had to run some other errands on my way home, too. This took me on a delightful stretch of Blackfish Parkway just as the sun was setting. This is where 75th Street "ends" and gets all curvy and hilly.

I also had to slog up and down the hills on Pflumm between Blackfish and 95th Street. That just killed my legs. I know Dave was using these hills occasionally for training. Wish him luck on the Triple Bypass!

I strolled through old town Lenexa. The Lenexa Midnight Bike Ride is this weekend, and it starts right here. If you're in the area, be sure to sign up! Be sure to check out my review of last year's ride, and look at the photo album.

Lots and lots of Lenexa and Shawnee cops out along Quivira today. Looked like they were on a manhunt. This long exposure shows yet another wrong-way bike ninja and a car approaching the police cruiser. The lady driving this cruiser gawked at me like I had just killed someone as she turned onto 79th, then pulled over with the rollers going. She sat there for a good two minutes while I waited for Karen. Look, if I was trying to hide from the cops, I wouldn't be on a bicycle with lots of reflective stuff and flashing lights.

Sunrise on 67th street:

This semi tractor was blackstacking and choking us, going all of five miles per hour on Merriam Drive. We all got around it quickly.

Random Tunage:
Sarah McLachlan - Possession
Vertical Horizon - When You Cry

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John B. said...

Just a note to say I'm glad to have found your blog (via Kansas Cyclist). Thanks for indirectly introducing me to Veloroutes, by the way.

I've recently made the jump to cycling around Wichita as much as possible, and I've started up a blog about it; I've taken the liberty of linking to you there, and I look forward to returning often.

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