Monday, June 09, 2008

Packed a few miles on

Nothing major, but between my commute, some errands and the Monday Night Recovery ride, I squeaked out a smidge over 50 miles -- not quite enough to catch up to Dave's Miles, because he sandbagged June 1st by riding the Lone Star Century (108 miles). Ever since then, it's been a game of catch-up for me. You know, just because I feel like competing, and he's having fun with it too.

For those keeping count - That would basically be Dave and Myself:
I'm at 229.6 for June and 1,841 miles for 2008 right now.
Dave's got 236.17 miles for june and 2172.13 miles for 2008.

It's still on. My goal is 600 miles but current projections point to between 700 and 800 miles this month, as I'm averaging 25.5 miles per day right now and have at least one "pretty big ride" coming up this month. Granted, Dave will likely be there too. Remember, though, that in competing with each other, We're really just pushing ourselves to our goals. This friendly competition -- to me, is more like holding myself accountable by knowing someone else is checking my stats.

With that bit of primal chest-beating out of the way, the homeward cruise was pleasant if not jocular with the exception of my quaggy shoes and socks. I considered leaving them in my office to dry overnight and riding home in my dress shoes (gotta love the get-out-and-ride bike!) but in the end I decided not to scourge my feet with awkward dress shoes nor ruin my good shoes with 15 miles of ambiguously dank pavement.

I caught some pictures at Turkey Creek on my way home. My DiNotte is really bright, even in the daylight.


More Turkey Creek

Drat. Got soaked again!

This one is for Revrunner, who has a bit of a Smart fondness lately. I found Kansas City's super-secret, barbed-wire secured stash of Smarts on my way home. There were about a dozen scattered around. These were all localized.

Had some fun getting to and from the Monday Night Recovery ride as usual. Wasn't in much of a picture-taking mood, but I managed to snap a few. These are the only two worth showing.

Anyhow, I have mounds of laundry to do tonight. All of my riding gear is absolutely squalid from the day's adventures. It needs a thorough cleaning if I plan on riding in tomorrow -- and I do!

Random Tunage:
Sinesweeper - Eyes Wide Shut
Lange - Red October


MRMacrum said...

For Quaggy Shoes try this:

~ Pull the liner out of the shoes if they come out.

~ Stuff newspaper into the shoes and set overnight.

~The next day - pull the news print and you will have dry enough shoes on the inside to feel comfortable. The paper draws the moisture out of the shoes from the inside.

This works great. Really great.

Noah said...

I'll have to try that. What I've been doing is pulling the liner out and placing the liner on a warm surface -- such as the top of my monitor or television and then pointing a fan into the shoes for a few hours. This made my squishy shoes merely quaggy for the ride home, and almost dry for the Monday night ride. This morning, they were back to normal, but I have a feeling they need a good washing soon.

dvicci said...

"This friendly competition -- to me, is more like holding myself accountable by knowing someone else is checking my stats." I couldn't have put it better myself.

I can verify the brightness of that light. We caught each other on 79th going opposite ways, and I had *no* problem seeing him coming.

I have to admit a fondness for the Smart as well. Would it hold a couple bikes? Good question...

Keep racking up those miles!

Noah said...

I'm a moron. I didn't even realize that was you. I told Karen this morning that I saw someone new on 79th.

Well, that makes it twice I've met you. Kind of. Hahah.

dvicci said...

Eh, it happens! I was pulling at least 58mph down that 4% grade with the 3mph tailwind on my comfort posture Kona with it's 2.1" wide tires. I can hardly blame you for missing me. I'm surprised you saw me at all, in fact!

Noah said...

** 58 Miles Per HOUR?! **

I demand screen shots of that GPS!

I don't think I've even had The Twelve up that fast. I spin Hybridzilla out at about 46 MPH, and that was with a tail wind going down 67th street from Nieman to Carter.

Sairen said...

58 mph?? I don't even cover 58 miles per day on my bike. ;-)

Apertome said...

Great shots, as always. Turkey Creek looks pretty cool, and you always get some good action shots.

You and Dave sure are racking up the miles. My mileage is looking a lot lower this year so far, but maybe spread around a little more evenly. I really want to get some longer rides in soon, though.

MrMacrum's suggestion is one smart idea. I'll have to try that, too.

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