Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Out by the stadiums...

My wife gets to come home tomorrow! I left work early to go out to the hospital she's been staying at since Thursday (near the Kauffman stadium complex). Looks like the lady who's been biking in took one of her kids' bikes or got an upgrade. This Trek 820 has a lot better components, although the front QR was tightened incorrectly. I fixed it for her, without permission. Hopefully the bike gods forgive me.

I wasn't sure how to get out to the stadiums by bike from downtown KC, so I bussed it with the help of Google Transit.

People in KC know where "The K" is in relationship to Lenexa, where I live. I did have an idea how to get home. Blue Ridge Cutoff connects to 63rd street, which I'm familiar with when I have to ride home from a Data Center that I occasionally have to visit. I wasn't counting on a huge death slog, though. It wasn't so much steep as it was two miles of obdurate 8% climbing.

You just don't take pictures on 63rd street. It was insane, and I usually feel pretty confident in traffic. You also don't take pictures slogging through Swope Park, either. Meyer Blvd, however, is beautiful. I love riding this road. It's one lane that's more than 20 feet wide. Even when I pass parked cars, it's like having my own lane down the center of the road. To make it better, there's a long downhill stretch that's not too hard to climb going the other way, but homeward offers me 20 miles per hour coasting with no hands, just chilling on the bike.

Further along, Meyer becomes Tomahawk and you start to see some pretty nice homes. I can't remember if I took this on Meyer or Tomahawk. It doesn't matter. I was just along for the ride.

With my wife being discharged tomorrow, I'll have to drive to work. This will be my first car commute of 2008 -- my first car commute, in fact, since September 14, 2007. That's okay. This is sooo worth it. Bringing my wife is one of the few things that will make me drive to work. I've missed her greatly these past few days.

Random Tunage:
INOJ - Time After Time
Way Out West - Don't Forget Me


Anonymous said...

Hey Noah, I got my LaSalle's yesterday and put them to work this morning. I love them although I am afraid my bike is going to weigh 100lbs now! Thanks for the advice on these panniers.
Hope your wife is doing better.

sallymander said...

Noah, I'm so happy to hear that your wife is coming home. Here's to steady improvement from here on out. Peace to you both.

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