Thursday, June 05, 2008

A new personal best average speed!

... But I was cheating. South winds at 18 MPH gusting to 29 MPH made up my morning commute. It's no wonder I was moving along at a good clip on my northeasterly commute.

I loaded up Hybridzilla a little after 5:00 AM and headed out to meet Chris. Chris and I waited at 79th for Karen this morning.

I took this as we made our way into Kansas City, KS. I've never held a 19.6 MPH average before. It fluctuated a bit with a few stops and hills, but I held 19.6 all the way to the brewery.

We got stopped by a train. Chris stands arms akimbo while Karen packs her reflective vest away. It's not needed with the sun rising, and she doesn't like pulling up to the office wearing it. :)

Dark skies are prevailing this morning. It looks like another bus ride home tonight.

This frankenbike was sitting at 17th and Main. It's got a nice saddle and a larger rear wheel than front wheel. I got a chuckle out of it.

Misc. Photos of Hybridzilla at Starbucks downtown.

Climbing up Main Street, my average dropped to 18.0, still a personal best for the whole trip.

I was doing 40+ going down the hill on 67th this morning!

A welder is doing some construction on the new grocery store downtown. We're finally getting a grocery store!

These 2650mAh batteries lasted two days plus half-way to work today in the DiNotte before dropping over to warning mode. It never went into power saving mode. That's about 5 hours of run time. I'm charging them under my desk in this photo.

Random Tunage:
Chris Fortier - Losing Wait
Jan Johnston - Superstar Bill

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