Monday, June 02, 2008

Evening errands and morning commuter convoy

Jet contrail at twilight on my way to get groceries

14LB bag of cat food, 5 pounds of potatoes, some cheese, and a bunch of other stuff. 12 rolls of Shi... err "Poop Tickets" Tied to the rack with an old inner-tube. I couldn't find any of my large bungees, but inner tubes that are trashed beyond repair work great. I never throw one away.

These people still have Christmas lights up.

Human Detected.

This railroad crossing is blocked off pretty much without any warning. Chris (background) already carried his bike over. Karen and I are doing the same. Cars, however, had no choice but to turn around and get on I-35 via 18th street Expressway to get downtown. That's basically a 4-mile detour. I wonder how many people are late for work this morning because of this?

Convoy of three.

Random Tunage:
Dave Matthews Band - Ants Marching
Nine Inch Nails - Ring Finger

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