Sunday, June 01, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: Monday Bike Commuter Convoy June 2nd

The temperatures should be somewhere in the Mid-60's tomorrow, but there's a pretty good chance of Thunderstorms. Here's the deal:

I'm riding in all the way tomorrow pretty much no matter what. I'm a dork and forgot to pick up my June bus pass. Unless there's a lot of lightning or a pretty severe weather threat that I don't think we can beat, I'll still go by the usual Monday Commuter Convoy Schedule.

If you feel like chickening out, TheJO has a Quivira (D) route bus that barrels through just about 10 minutes after our scheduled departure time. There are bicycle racks on board. Bus fare to downtown is $1.75. Drop-off at 11th and Central is about 6:40 AM.

See you in the morning (probably)

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