Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Any night-time riders in KC? Read this.

I haven't been on a good night ride since the August full moon ride. I'm talking serious miles in the darkness, riding in the boondocks with a handful of like-minded zombies with only bicycle lights, the moon, and the occasional passing car to light the way. I've only done one other one (in July of last year) and quite frankly, I miss it.

These used to be organized by CommuterDude, but he's got a bunch of other stuff going on. I know he's in, but it's up to someone else to organize it. I think that means Badger and I. Badger's got a hell of a route (35 miles round trip?) and I have the desire to get some people out for a late-night ride.

So here's how I think we're going to do this. We're thinking June 20th since it's a Friday night and there should be a big, bright (almost full, waxing) moon. Weather permitting, of course.

These things usually start around 9:00 PM.
These things can run 3 hours or longer, between 30-50 miles.
The pace isn't brutal, but it's not usually lethargic, either.

You will need lighting, a helmet, and reflective gear.
More specifically, you should have head and tail lighting that will last 3+ hours.
You should be ready for some serious fun riding in the boondocks.
Oh yeah, you might want to get permission to be out late.

Fill out the form to be kept in the loop about this specific ride. The start location is going to be kept guarded until the time gets closer. In the spirit of c'Dude's past night rides, this is mostly so we know who to expect, and are positive that participants are properly equipped for a few hours of riding after dark. Think of it as a cross between an underground rave scene and a mountain bike epic, but on the road, not as painful, and without the annoying drum & bass music.



Phone (Optional)



amidnightrider said...

Now I'm itching for a night ride. It's been a few weeks. I have a couple of mates who are always willing, day or night.

Thanks for the push.

BTW, the previous entry was a really good story line. Very interesting from beginning to end.

dvicci said...

I've got this on my calendar now. Any other takers?

Noah said...

If all who have contacted me are actually in for real, we're looking at potentially 7-8 riders right now. One of them is doing B.A.K. and might not be recovered by then.

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