Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Took a walk over lunch

Not much worth mentioning for the homeward commute (aside from the swanky new Bike Week poster I saw on the bus)

Other than that, I had a nice lunch, went for a walk.

I committed a crime against photography (I think)

If these were further from the building, I think people might mistake these for bike racks.

It's spring time.

Another mediocre coffee shop in the downtown loop

In the colder months, this alley is home to the homeless. Lots of warm air coming from various vents, as there's a hotel kitchen right on the other side of the wall. In the warmer months, it smells of rotting kitchen waste and is writhing with maggots. In a few weeks, I will have to hold my nose to walk past it. I like this alley more in the winter.

I tried to go to the bank to deposit our MO Tax Refund (small enough to spend in one place, easily) only to find out that since it is written to me AND my wife (not me OR my wife) we both have to sign it. Freaking red tape. Someone get me a blowtorch.

Random Tunage:
The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Remix)
Desree - Dreams Can Come True


Unknown said...

If both of your names are on the account, some banks will let it slide.

You should start a library of badly placed bike racks. :)

Noah said...

Conversation went something like this:

Teller (taking completed savings deposit slip and check from me): "Is your wife on this account?"

Me: "I don't think she is. She's on the Checking account, though."

Teller: "Oh, well then you need to deposit it into that account."

I grab a checking deposit slip and fill it out, then hand it back to her.

Teller: "She has to sign it, too."

Me: "Just for a deposit? She's on the account!"

Teller: "Those are the rules. If it said 'OR' instead of 'AND' between your names, I could process it with one signature."

Me (grabbing helmet): "**** it."

Dan said...

That bike rack shot is hilarious (meaning it's amazing how clueless the installer must be). Much like the rack I found at the local Walgreens.

Dan said...

(submitted too soon)

See the Walgreens rack here:

amidnightrider said...

My wife and I just sign each others names on these.

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