Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great morning for a ride

First, Some pictures from last night's commute.

Two Bees (Downtown District staff) and a bike

Fun with shadows (and iPhoto effects)

Helmet Storage. One less (sweaty) thing to take on the bus with me and it isn't going anywhere latched this way.

This morning, we had crazy south winds with gusts well into 30 MPH territory.

Lenexa, KS near 79th and Quivira. The bank thermometer and clock are both inaccurate. It was about 53°F upon departure this morning.

I saw this on the road at 25th and Southwest. I'll leave the reader to identify this device (lol) I'll just tell you that it's NOT a LASER pointer. It's about 1.5" long.

Skyline at sunrise. Check out the epic debris field along the right side of the road. Someone get a street sweeper out here!

Downtown Daybreak (sorry it's crooked)

Blossoms obscure the Power & Light District

Sprint Center and a road pylon (covering exposed wires from a fallen light post)

This light post. Obviously struck by a vehicle. Gotta love KC motorists.

Obligatory lightpost abstractness

You can thank Deb Ridgway for getting these awesome replacements for some of the wheel-killing storm drains around town.

Transamerica building A.k.a. Town Pavilion.

All in all, a great, beautiful morning. Ran into Karen on the way in, saw lots of bikes being ridden and locked up downtown, had coffee with Lorin (who snuck up on me while taking that last photo) and JR. Winds will continue out of the South or Southwest this evening, so it looks like more bus riding for me. I'm such a slacker.

Random Tunage:
Bryan Adams - Heaven
Nine Inch Nails - 32 Ghosts IV


Ed said...

Love the picture of the cherry blossoms or Bradford pears, or whatever flowering tree it is. :)

Sirrus Rider said...

I bet a shiny new dime the "Device" on ground is a Vibrator..

Noah said...

Hey now. It's called a "personal massage accessory" - get it right :P

Frogman said...

Or a Marital Aid...

sallymander said...

Hey Noah! Your contact form is busted. At least for firefox on Mac. I'd like to get some bus route advice from you for a commute from OP to downtown/westport.

Noah said...

should work now. Sorry 'bout that.

Apertome said...

Love the sunrise/skyline photos and the flowering trees.

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