Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This had to look like something out of a cartoon...

First things first, my wife is (finally, thankfully) out of the hospital. More diagnostics and Dr's visits to come. But she's back home. Thanks for the comments and emails.

After my ride home, I went to the bike shop to check on my Trek 1200. I didn't notice it, but my whole RD actually got destroyed in the carnage last week. Unfortunately, the RD isn't covered under the warranty, so I will have to shell out my hard-earned cash for a new one. My options were to cheap out and get a Sora RD for under $30 (no thanks) or upgrade to Ultegra for $115 (No thanks) if I wanted them to use parts they had in the shop. Or, I could get a brand new 105 RD for a more reasonable price. 105 is the stock level for this bike, but the one they have is silver instead of black. The rub? I have wait for someone to run to the other store to get the parts, which means they probably won't have time to install it until tomorrow.

So I told them to go get it. And then I goofed off in the shop for a while. And this is where it gets good. I got on a unicycle. I know what you're thinking. Noah's a retard! Well, I didn't actually even attempt that. So I tried their Indo Balance Board. Full-on. Just hopped right on it and gave it a whirl. Whoooooop - THUD. The balance board flew across the shop floor, and I landed on my (well padded) butt. No harm. Not even my ego, because I knew it would happen. The techs knew it would happen, too. It was later that they disclosed the fact that pretty much everyone's first time on the Indo board results in a butt plant. There were no surprises. They are thinking of putting a video camera up in the skateboard section just so they can youtube some of the epic failures. I don't know how well that plan would work out for them.

So, tomorrow I get the Twelve back. I hope.

Random Tunage:
T.A.T.U. - All the things she said
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit


Unknown said...

At least you had padding on

Noah said...

I wasn't "wearing" padding, per se. Padding comes naturally after a decade of office lethargy.

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