Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Scenic full commute

What part of $60/Month did this loser not comprehend? Now you know why I ride a bike.

Took a stroll through my cow-orker's "old computer stuff" museum, some of which is obviously not that old but humorous all the same.

I was thinking of catching the bus, decided to go the whole way.

Ran into Karen on SW Blvd.

Merriam, KS

I'll have a coronary with extra cheese, please.

Farmer's Market

More Merriam, KS

Wheel Killer. I hate this crossing.

I haven't seen a snapper this big since I lived in Nebraska. It was at least a foot wide.

What's in the mail today?

Holy Crap! It's a birth announcement for B-Max!

Ooof! The last 30 feet are the hardest part of my commute.

Danger, Will Robinson! My DiNotte was in battery warning mode all day, more than 90 minutes of riding. It still worked well, though.

The church's Sound Board. Well, it's pretty much mine. No one else allowed.

Random Tunage:
Orbital - Style
Madonna - The Power Of Goodbye


Tim O said...

Get the smoothies at Sonic, they're great after, say, a 55 mile ride :)

amidnightrider said...

I have the same RR crossing thing on my commute. I worry more about a splinter than a pinch.

The photos are a great look at KC. Saw on TV during the KC/NE game that it rained pretty good there last night.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you run sound too. I have much to learn, but we have a small 16 channel Yamaha board.

Jeff Moser said...

I've been enjoying your photo blogs. A nice addition to KCBC!

Anonymous said...

Nice shots of KC and the commute. Ummm.. that's a painted turtle on the log, but cool just the same.

Lazy Lowrydr, IA

Frogman said...

It looks like a Read Eared Slider to me.

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