Friday, April 11, 2008

No photos this morning.

More on the photos in a moment. Temperatures were in the high 30's and falling when I woke up this morning, but there was just a few splotches on the radar and the wind was coming out of the southwest. With the road known as Southwest Boulevard making up almost 2/3 of my commute, it shouldn't surprise many that I took advantage of a nice tailwind. I might have thought twice about riding the whole way if I'd known that the patchwork of green and yellow was going to blossom and dump rain on me for more than half of the time I was riding. Rain and electronics don't mix, so no photos were taken.

Despite the rain, it was actually a really nice ride. The tailwind was appreciated and I made a significant jump in speed this morning -- 18.2 MPH average over 14 miles. It's just too bad that it's not because I'm getting stronger. It was just from the wind. Save for a few full stops, I rarely dropped to the middle ring for anything, and I obviously spent a good amount of time moving along at a pretty good clip. The fenders shone brightly, never getting more than a few drops of water on the tips of my shoes. The rain from above wasn't too bad against my "Not An Agent" windbreaker, either. Mostly, it just sucked getting hit in the face with rain, and having it sheet off of my helmet and into my eyes.

I got downtown earlier than ever before this morning and was half-finished with my Mocha before Lorin showed up. JR also arrived a bit later, sporting a laptop that should help him get his goods out on KC Craigslist a lot easier. I'll hook him up with one of my old Wi-Fi cards on Monday. There are tons of little restaurants and coffee shops around town with free wireless.

Random Tunage
Orbital - Midnight (what can I say? I have a ton of Orbital's stuff!)
Nine Inch Nails - The Wretched

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