Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Got to my bike at 3:32. Got to my mailbox at home at 4:42. 15.0 MPH rolling average, with variable (changing direction frequently) winds around 10 MPH. It was kind of a mixed bag of head, calm, and tailwind. This kind of speed (if you wish to call it that) is a first for 2008 as far as a full ride goes.

A little past Lackman on Merriam Lane, I caught up with Karen. I only rode alongside her for a few miles before branching off to take the curvy, fun, slower Turkey Creek alternate homeward route. That KIND OF makes my average speed even a little more impressive (again, if you think 15 MPH is impressive). My goal when I left the parking garage this afternoon was to stay at a cadence of 90 RPM pretty much the whole way. 90 is at the high end of a comfortable cadence for me. Drop below 85? push harder or downshift. Above 95? Upshift.

Personally, I don't think it's impressive considering my personal hammerfest best of 19.2 on the all-road (no MUP) route. But it's nice to see a little speed boost. The Twelve scorched along on the curvy path, but I kept a close eye for pedestrians. Along the straightaway north of 67th, I saw a guy walking, twirling his trekking pole, but transfixed as he gawked off into outer space (also known as The Animal Haven animal shelter). I figured he saw me coming but I slowed it down a bit, perhaps to 12 MPH or so. As I passed him, still twirling his trekking pole, he jumped and let out some single-word expression. He was in his late 50's perhaps. Before I even got to 67th street some two hundred yards further, I'd concocted the following baiku:

Mindless trekking guy
Oblivious to others
I scared you to death
I repeated it to myself a few times so that I'd be able to recall it now. I don't think I've actually scared an oncoming pedestrian before unless they were running around a blind curve. What a dweeb. He had almost a full minute with me in his sight, my DiNotte blinking on evil death mode, nonetheless.

I shot through the business parks at a pretty good clip, taking my usual back way to 85th street.

I'm rallying all the riders I know that would possibly come through my area on their way to downtown -- that would be Karen, Lorin, Chris and I. We'll see how many are up for a convoy tomorrow morning. When I saw her along Merriam Lane, Karen told me she'll be out in the morning. As far as Lorin and Chris, I don't know yet.

Random Tunage:
Regina Spektor - Fidelity
ORM - Cube Loop

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