Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Long ride on Friday? Anyone in KC/JoCo?

Being that I'm in the financial services industry, I get quite a few nifty holidays. Good Friday is turning into Most Excellent Friday, as I needn't show up to work. Wall Street is closed. So is my office. That's how it works.

Given that I usually require some recovery time after a long ride, I figure Friday's as good a day as any to get some serious recreational junk miles in. I'm not talking a sustained 2:45-3:00 pace. Just some miles. The more, the merrier. Anyone down?


dvicci said...

I would *love* to join you, but though I am also in the financial industry, it is not a holiday for me. Alas, I must either show up to work, or take PTO.

Noah said...

... and this is a problem because??? :P

Just playin'

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