Sunday, March 09, 2008

Top 10 reasons that March rocks my socks

10. Somehow, March is one of the few months of the year where there's very little chance of both tornadoes and blizzards.

9. Less sick people to avoid.

8. The road bike and mountain bike switch roles (primary commuter vs. recreation)

7. People will finally quit calling me crazy for riding a bicycle in the cold. Now, they'll just call me crazy for riding the whole way in traffic.

6. Grass and trees are coming back to life. While brown and white are cool, I'm about sick of them.

5. More daylight for evening rides, but we get plunged back into darkness for the morning commute as of today.

4. The trails will probably dry up sometime this month for the first time since November.

3. More bike-only commuting.

2. I might actually make my target miles for the month (thanks to #3)

1. Temperatures finally stay reliably above freezing! I think...

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