Friday, March 07, 2008

No snow. Yet.

I guess the flurries are supposed to hold off until later today. The Goat was smooth sailing this morning, though. I wasn't in much of a hurry, and just took my time. I've still got some sinus stuff. That was part of the reason. But it's also Friday, and if I start my Fridays off good, they seem to go by quickly and productively. That's a Good Thingtm, because I have a LOT of stuff to wade through today. I threw some bananas in my backpack, left early, and had a nice, leisure-pace ride to the bus.

It's that time again. The monthly meeting at The Maul. There's really no quicker way for me to get home than by taking the Antioch bus like I have been recently. Due to the things we usually end up doing after The Maul, I'll probably go home first, then drive there.

Looks like I'll round out the first week of March with about 55 miles. I have a lot of catching up to do to make my goal of 5,000 this year. I'd prefer most of my miles come from commuting and errands, but I need to get a few nice, long fun rides in as well. I definitely need to get on board with some of c'Dude's Populaires. Especially the night-time ones. Oh yes. I love me some night riding. And now that I have the DiNotte, there's no excuse not to partake in a few night rides that would sap my modified NiteRider's 90-minute run time dry.

Alright, peeps. Time for coffee and work. Be on the lookout for another Top 10 this weekend. It won't be as caustic nor as curmudgeonly this time. I promise. Maybe.

Random Tunage:
Rico Soarez - Timeless
Green Day - When I Come Around

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