Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Things 'n' Stuff. March 5th Edition.

First, the Good News.

Forecast: Morning lows around 20°F. Light winds out of the south.
Actually: Morning lows around 32°F. Light winds out of the south.
Result: Forget the bus. I'm going on a bike ride!

It was a great ride in. Two layers of socks kept my toes from getting too cool. Average speed is up about 1 MPH, which is odd, because I felt like I was taking it pretty easy this morning. It's still a mere 14.2 MPH average, well below my average during peak season last year, but it shows that my leggies are trying to shake the winter cobwebs off. I'm also weighing in at 207 pounds again. I got up to 215 over winter from a low of 190 pounds around September, so the fat trimming is in full swing again. I am not watching my weight like a hawk, but I acknowledge that the insulation I took on over the colder months is probably combining with muscle atrophy and slowing me down a bit.

Now, The Bad News.

I forgot my headphones. This means that I am about to spend the next 8 hours listening to telephones ringing, cow-orkers gossiping about the finer points of trashy celebrities, the price of gasoline, tupperware parties, their spouses, and all the other crap they like to spew while I'm making some attempt to do my job. I'm not sure what project they mark their time as falling into while they have these epic discussions, but I'm surprised they find time to actually work. Oh, and there's no Random Tunage today, because THERE IS NO TUNAGE. *jedi mind trick* This is not the tunage you're looking for. There's nothing to fear but lack of tunage. This sucks.

Today in history.

March 5, 2007: I broke my ****ing face and lost some teeth. HEY YOU GUYS!!!

According to Wikipedia, there is absolutely nothing else really interesting that has ever happened on March 5th. Ever. I'm surprised I don't see "1998: A Gnat Farted" on the list. Do gnats fart? Probably not. But if they did, that would probably be about as exciting as Wikipedia's list of March 5th events.

Random Tunage:
Grr. In my office, I have a spare pair of socks. A spare shirt. Spare pants. Extra deodorant. A comb. Even a spare inner tube and some patches. Why, in the name of all things sacred, have I not thought to bring in a spare set of headphones?


Apertome said...

I've certainly increased my personal insulation as well. A lack of riding has combined with an increasing interest in beer to put me at 203, back up from 190, which was down from 235 or so. Anyway I can relate. I'm feeling those extra pounds, especially with my atrophied muscles.

I remember reading about your wreck before, I'm surprised I didn't comment. That had to suck.

Dan said...

Forgetting the headphones wouldn't be a big problem for me, because I always have a song in my head, usually the last one I heard. Right now it's that 'Flo' song that's on the Top 40 stations right now.

So, is this a little schizo that there's always something playing inside my mind? At least it's not voices!

Sirrus Rider said...

Actually, I keep a cheapy spare set of headphones. Why? Having a pair is very useful for diagnosing problems with sound cards. If sounds play through the headphones you know the sound card is good and the problem may be with the speaker set..

Jon said...

"Here's the story,
of a lovely lady,
who was bringing up
three girls on her own..."

There, tunes for the whole day.

Ron Sexton said...

gnats fart is a unit of measurement, no?

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