Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ah. Tunage and bikeness.

Leaving my headphones behind wasn't the only bone-head move I pulled yesterday. I think riding all the way to work was a little foolhardy. I started feeling kind of blah by mid-day. With temperatures plummeting and headwinds mounting, I played it safe and used the Antioch bus to get back to home base. Oh yeah, I hiked to CVS Pharmacy over lunch and picked up a set of cheap tin cans headphones. They'll work in a pinch, but they have about the worst frequency response I've ever heard, save for maybe those headphones I bought at Everything's $1 back in 1993.

To make up for my lack of satisfactory tunage yesterday, I picked up the first volume of Nine Inch Nails' new Four-volume album series, Ghosts. Volume I is available for free and I can't stress enough how much you really should go get it, even if you don't listen to (or even if you think you hate) Nine Inch Nails. It includes the first 9 tracks, the digital booklet, and some website-friendly graphics. If you're a fan of how Nine Inch Nails sounds but not of the lyrics, this is the album for you. This album represents a whole new direction for NiN, in that all 36 tracks are completely instrumental. The NiN inspiration, drive, and eloquence are all there. It's odd, because if you heard it, you'd know without a doubt it was Nine Inch Nails yet it sounds distinctly different than Trent's previous work. He's always kind of re-inventing, so this should come as no surprise. When I can afford it, I plan on forking over the cash to pre-order the Deluxe edition.

The weather forecast calls for more flurries tonight. I was too lazy to pull The Goat off the wall, and The Twelve was sitting there ready to go this morning. I'm going to have to switch them out tonight whether I want to or not. With my little bit of a sinus irritation this morning, I took it easy on the way to the bus, and the extra efficiency of my road bike was much welcomed. Oh yeah... and I remembered my good headphones.

Random Tunage:
Nine Inch Nails - 7 Ghosts I
Arqer - You've got that something


Apertome said...

I pre-ordered the normal 2-CD version and of course got to download the whole thing. It's pretty fantastic, I have to say. In fact I think that part I is the least interesting, so I'll be curious what you have to say about the other sections. Great stuff.

dvicci said...

I love your take on the work gossip yesterday. I'm lucky to work in an area with a very few people who are intelligent and easy to get along with. Not a dud in the bunch.

One of the only good things to come out of my relationship with the ex (aside from the wisdom of hard experience) is the really nice pair of Etymotic noise reduction ear buds she bought me for Christmas a couple years ago. I used them as ear muffs while nailing up studs in the foundation with a Ramset gun. Reduced the report of a 22 shell in a smallish enclosed space to a bare whisper.

And they sound great!

I'll have to check out the NIN album. I do like his stuff...

Frogman said...

Interestingly 1 Ghosts I reminds me highly of the style Radiohead did on of Amnesiac. Check stuff like "I Might Be Wrong" and other tracks off the album. Very similar feel. I'll be listening to more of the NiN stuff today, anyway. ;)

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