Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Six-Word Memoir

The Crumudgeonator tagged me. This time, it's a six-word memoir. Six words to sum up my meager existence. That's easy:

"Problem Solver, Engineer, Destroyer and Troublemaker."

It took me no time at all to come up with that gem. And it's for the most part accurate. I wish that I could fit a few obscure adjectives in there for good measure, but alas there is no room. As it stands, I fix stuff, make stuff, break stuff, and rock the boat while doing these things. And I'm damn good at it, too.

Some blog epidemics are forced upon others. As I was called out, so I am supposed to call out others to come up with their own. I'm sure plenty of bloggers in my 'sphere are trembling as I spin the wheel of misfortune to choose my victims.

I think I'm going to let this one continue on a voluntary path, much like the Viral Bag Dump. See how crazy things can get?




So if you read this, maybe you have your own six-word memoir ready to go. Or, more likely, you do not. No sweat.


MRMacrum said...

I bet you were the kid who turned in their homework ahead of time, huh? Loser.

Good one though.

Noah said...

I didn't much care for homework. I had better things to do, such as execute phase 387 and begin planning phase 388 of my master plan to take over the universe. I seriously didn't turn in homework.

Instead, I was the kid that understood everything the first time the teacher said it, and was bored to tears by the 15th time the teacher explained it to the mouth-breathing morons. I scored high in class participation, aced almost all of my tests, and failed miserably in homework scores. This earned me a prestigious 2.8 GPA.

I did, however, get through a 4-year high school in 3 years by taking summer school and college classes for high school credit, even if I barely passed some of my classes. This was primarily due to the fact that many high school teachers grade you on the hoops that you can jump through, not on your understanding of the subject.

I'm not bitter.

Dan said...

"I thought there would be food"

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