Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crazy but fruitful evening, too!

Photo: Not a huge fan of Corona, but it works if you put some lime in it.

Or something. Meh.

I took my brakes off and cleaned the pads up as best I could over lunch. Stopping was a lot quieter and easier for my return trip. These SwissStop pads are silky smooth but grippy and fade-free when they're working right. When they're loaded like this, it's bad news for both your rims and your stopping distance.

I got off the Antioch bus at Johnson Drive this afternoon to take my slightly-shortened route home via Turkey Creek with a modification: Swing by the Mexican restaurant on the way home... While waiting, as you can see, I partook in a beer. I somehow shoe-horned most everything into my panniers, already somewhat cramped for space, and rode the 3/4 mile journey that made up the remainder of my homeward commute. Nothing crushed. All tacos intact. Awesome.

After fooding, I had to drive to the KC Bike Week Committee Meeting. I'm heading up the Bike Buddy program this year, and need to crack the whip on some people to make sure they're going to be available the Monday of Bike Week. Imagine several distinct packs of commuter convoys working their way through the greater KC area. That's what I want to see happen. Of course, I'll be at it every day that week, but we're sticking to Monday as the official Bike Buddy day, to introduce newer or less experienced bike commuters to routes that they might not have otherwise thought of taking.

Now I'm back. I only put on 9 miles today, but it felt good to hit Turkey Creek again. It was such an awesome evening for riding that I regret not riding all the way, but my time schedule didn't have enough wiggle room in it, and the headwinds would have set me back.

And a parting photo of my bike after having the panniers eat mexican food.

Random Tunage:
Bruce Hornsby - The End of The Innocence
Yaz - Only You

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