Monday, February 18, 2008


Today was a federal holiday, Presidents' Day, to be exact. Those of us lucky enough to work in the financial industry (or other institutions that remains closed on these holidays) had the day off. Some of us even got paid for it.

So, there was no commute today. There also was no Monday night ride. I showed up to Tienda Casa Paloma to find Mark and Theresa nom-ing on some of the delightful Mexican cuisine. I grabbed a beer and some mini tacos and joined them.

Although there wasn't any riding done today, it was nice to talk to Mark about his goofy adventures on the snow this weekend, the state of bicycle commuting in various metro areas, suburban sprawl, and some of the upcoming events right here in KC.

The Bike Week planning meeting is tomorrow, and it's simply too late and too far from home for me to consider riding my bike there as a viable option. I plan on car-pooling. If anyone in central/northern JoCo wants to ride along, let me know and I'll see. I have an SUV that holds 5 if we need that many seats. Otherwise, I have a grocery getter.

Tomorrow begins a short work week. Oh, joy. Temps in the low teens should kick off the morning and give way to substantial warmth toward the evening. This is starting to resemble that bizarre time in fall where I'd find myself layered to hell in the morning and in shorts in the afternoon. With a high of 40 degrees, you won't catch me in shorts, but it's getting there.

Random Tunage:
Corona - Rhythm of the night
Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade

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