Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Mess in the making

The rain turned into snow sometime around 8:00 last night. I wasn't paying attention between 7 and 9, but by 9 it had snowed enough to make things white.

I had to drop my wife off at work last night, and we saw cars slippin' and slidin' all over the place. It was kind of funny since none of them actually hit anything nor were in the path to hitting us. I'm sure there are at least 2 people who had to change their shorts when they got to their destination.

This morning, road crews had somewhat tamed the pavement, but snow was still coming down. I really should have worn the ski goggles but didn't think to. At 23 degrees, it was a bit too warm to be sealing my face off from the elements. Maybe my clear safety glasses would have been a better choice. Because of the snow, my two and a half mile ride this morning was done mostly squinting or blinking rapidly.

The bus was a bit late -- to be expected. I still had time to kick it with Lorin and JR over coffee. I practiced my sideways snow-throwing skid pulling into City Center Square. That's always a crowd-pleaser as long as I don't eat it while showing off.

Here are some weather-ish photos from the past couple of days:

Yesterday, while eating lunch before going to City Hall:

Last night (that's not a blurry photo, that's snow and fog):

This morning from my break room:

Random Tunage:
Aurora - Ordinary World (Condor Remix) [cover of Ordinary World by Duran Duran]
Cybersonik - Technarchy


Anonymous said...

first picture is very cool,

Apertome said...

Great photos! I particularly like the first one, but they are all excellent.

The side-skid sounds fun. I've sorta thought about trying that but knowing me, I'd eat it if I tried something fancy like that.

We may have a mess on our hands tonight/tomorrow. It's been raining for days and we should get a freeze overnight. Tomorrow may be interesting ... then again, last time I thought that nothing happened. We'll see.

Speaking of photos, did you get that print I sent?

dvicci said...

The first picture, previously mentioned as "very cool" looks to be right across the street from UMB. That's where I used to work waaay back in the day before I got into infosec.

If I'm mis-identifying the building, then it's not where I used to work. The building, that is. Not UMB.

Noah said...

That is, in fact, UMB's big building downtown. That was taken from within Jimmy John's at the south-east corner 11th and Grand looking north-west.

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