Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Where to begin?

Last night, I did the Monday night ride and picked up a few miles more than I would have. I revised my goals for February (I'll discuss this more at the end of this post) and I really have to step up the miles this month.

This morning was seriously blah. It was misty on the way to work, raining by the time I got downtown, and just cold enough to be in that temperature range that I absolutely loathe when it's raining.

I might as well cover my evening commute too. It's even cooler, still raining but it's toned down a bit. It's hard to call a bike commute "fun" when the weather is like this, but I'd take it over being in a car.

I spent my lunch hour at KCMO city hall making a somewhat futile attempt to stand up for better bicycle parking. By 11:45, the city hadn't even finished with the stuff on 10:00-11:00 docket. Then they took a break for lunch and to go into closed session for a while. I left my contact info with Deb Ridgway, KCMO's Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator. Several others were there that couldn't stick around until 1:00 or later, but according to Eric from KCBike.info, our appearance made a difference. There's still a long way to go, but this is a big step in the right direction for cyclists in the metro. A big thanks to all the others that showed up, including the President of the Johnson County Bike Club. Even though we don't live in Kansas City, we certainly ride there and this has an impact on us as well.

2008 Goals
I revamped my 2008 goals, and they may be further amended. The reason I'm doing this is because there's no way I could have logged 420 outdoor "real" riding miles in January. there's not much hope for me getting that many this month, either. To further complicate things, November and December of 2008 will also likely suffer. Meanwhile, I've proven that closing in on 700 miles in the warmer months is not a problem. I'm shooting for 300 miles for February. That's an average of 11+ miles per day until the 29th, or 15 miles per day if only riding 5x a week which is the norm for me. I'm banking on a few nice days and full round-trips this month.

Random Tunage:
Bangles - Manic Monday (Only Monday?! It's been a manic WEEK so far!)
Goo Goo Dolls - Listen

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Apertome said...

Nothing wrong with revising some goals. I am trying to convince myself that the best way to deal with inclement weather is to do shorter rides more frequently. I am pretty sure this could help me keep more miles in my legs in the winter, but I may have come up with the idea a little late.

I hope our rain stops because I was getting into doing a few more errands on the bike and wanted to try some more rides after work but the rain just drowns my will to ride.

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