Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mediocre Bus

If there's any bus that could possibly take longer than the Dreaded Bus to circumnavigate downtown KCMO to get to my little slice of suburbia, it's the Johnson County Transit's M (Mid-Day a.k.a. Mediocre) bus. The Dreaded Bus takes about an hour and 10 minutes to run. It picks me up a block away from work and can drop me off a few hundred feet from my apartment. The Mediocre Bus, as I shall christen it, takes about the same amount of time with the additional hassle of dropping me off at the Maul, 2 miles from my mayhem-plotting headquarters.

With all of my required weekly tasks complete, a head full of mucous, and a body that's feeling weaker by the minute, I decided to bail early and take my chances with the Mediocre Bus this once.

My plan is to get home, refuel, over-hydrate, then go to sleep for as long as I possibly can.

By the way, the contest is still on. The current person in first place is still more than half a pound off, so there's a whole pound's worth of guesses that will come closer than our current winner. Contest ends tomorrow right before midnight, so get your guesses in to win the Jersey! It's not yellow. It won't make you fast, but it is a Jersey that would normally retail for about $70 that you could get for free. It might also make Fritz laugh at you. No guarantees, though.

Random Tunage (Valentine's Day Luuuv Song Edition):
Peter Cetera - You're The Inspiration (new version) [Re-make? Cover? of the Chicago Song]
Steve Winwood - Higher Love

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