Saturday, January 05, 2008

Some good news...

No, the good news is NOT that OP RMC has covered bike parking, but they do.

My wife had been on a blood thinner since about 7 this morning. They can't find any more clots (for example, after a doppler sonogram of her femoral veins and more CT work) so she got discharged tonight, but she has to go see a bunch of docs here in the next week or so. Thanks for the e-mails, comments, and prayers. Hopefully she's out of the woods on this issue.


Dean Nelson R.N. said...

Have no I deal why I read your blog,guess cause I googled "commuter bike blog" and yours was first that came up.. I am glad your wife is ok...I have decided after many months/years of trying to bike commute to work. 16.1 miles one way...32.2 miles a day...I'm about 30 lbs over weight, hypertension and basically feeling like Iam a slug after being a msce geek for 5 years..was an RN in a ER but that burned me out...ANYWAYS any suggestions before I set out on this new adventour?...

Noah said...

Well, I have no idea why people read my blog either, other than perhaps for my wordplay, or how something interesting (good, or sometimes bad) is always happening. I really feel like I'm writing a novel some days. I've heard others refer to this blog as a "slice of life" - maybe you've got voyeuristic tendencies.

Whatever the case, I'm glad you (and everyone else) stop by.

Your round trip is a little longer than my full round trip, but not by much. I started in September 2006. 10 years of sitting on my butt straight out of high school did me in, and I'd already been driving 2 miles to the bus stop to save on gas and car costs. Taking a bike to the bus was my first step. There's no way I could have ridden 30 miles a day or more when I got started.

Even in the peak of my riding in 2007, getting a full week of 30-mile round trips in was uncommon.

My suggestion is to ease into it. Try riding the route on a weekend to see if you feel like you're biting off more than you can chew. If so, look into public transportation, or drive 2/3 or 1/2 way to work, park your car, then ride the rest of the way for starters.

The only hard and fast rule to bike commuting is that you use a bike to commute. Other than that, this is very free-form stuff. Pick a bike you're comfortable on, pick a method that you're comfortable with, wear clothes you feel like wearing, and enjoy your new commute.

I've tagged most of my own sage advice as Tricks Of The Trade. Other good commuting resources are Commute By Bike and some of the other links I have on the right side of my blog. I'm still relatively new to bicycle commuting, but I think all bike commuters are in a constant state of learning and adaptation.

Jon said...

I'm glad to hear the wifey is improved. Keep us updated.


Jeff said...

Glad to hear your wife is doing better! How scary!

dvicci said...

That's excellent news. I thought about you and all the other KC bike bloggers I read daily this weekend while I was out... was sure you were out enjoying the weather too. I'm glad it worked out, though, or at least that the news is looking up.

Apertome said...

Well, I'm late with this post but better late than never, I guess. I'm glad your wife is doing better. I read this before and was thinking of her, and you, but didn't get to comment until now. I hope she continues to do better all the time.

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