Sunday, January 06, 2008

Product Review: SRAM Power Link Chain

I wrote a review of the SRAM Power Link chain over at Commute By Bike. I've been using the same SRAM chain for about a year and a half now on my mountain bike. It's endured lots of rain, slush, snow and grime since I started using it. It's in the middle of its second winter of full-time bike commuting, too.


  • Power Link master link is easy to use
  • Makes deep-cleaning your chain a quick and simple task
  • Power Link is just as strong as other master link systems (such as pressed pins)
  • Requires no tools to remove and install your chain
Go check it out to see the full product review with photographs and more details.


Fritz said...

Lennard Zinn and others recommend the on-chain cleaning gizmos these days, if you decide to use any solvent cleaners at all. Keep the grime off in the first place by wiping down the outside of the chain with a rag after you lube. Do the same after riding in wet and grime. Use the chain cleaning gizmo to remove the gunk from the links if necessary.

Removing the chain and shaking it inside a bottle removes lube that's deep inside the links.

Noah said...

Bah. What's Zinn know? :P

I usually wipe the chain down daily or every other. I can't really carry a grimy rag to work with me, so no matter what, it suffers for the 10 hours or so that I'm away from home for my daily grind.

What I end up with is a build-up on the narrower plates between every other link. And that stuff, I'm afraid, doesn't come off too easily even with my Park Tool Cyclone. The Cyclone works wonders on my road bike, even when it gets "dirty" but it just can't get my chain clean after 2-3 hours of slimy, grimy slush has been flung all over the place.

I will admit that switching to a suspended-evaporating wax lube in the winter has helped quite a bit. I used FinishLine wax last winter and I'm using it again this winter. Once the crap has dried and crusted, a quick rub down flakes off a little layer of wax, and with it the salt and road grime. Still, at least once a month in the winter I find myself having to give the chain a serious deep-down clean.

To put it into perspective, that's a wipe-down every 10 miles or so, and a deep clean every 100-150.

Compare this to my road bike, where I just wiped the chain as needed (rarely) and used the Park tool cyclone and re-lubed (Boeshield T9) about every other week, 200-300 miles give or take.

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