Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mission Accomplished

With the stealth, speed, and precision of a ninja, I tucked all of my belongings away and tiptoed out of the office with only a minute or two to spare. No time for changing clothes. No time for filling the water bottle. I made my egress to the lower level of steel cages. The little corner of the parking garage that'd been set aside for two-wheelers sits almost completely empty, save for my trusty Sorrento -- covered in a partially dried, partially frozen crust of God-knows-what, not much different than the blighting grime entombing so many cars around me.

I hastily dial in the combination to my chain lock and free the bike from its shackles, not much different than the keyboard and pager that bind me for no less than 40 hours every week. Glancing at the clock, I lash a plastic bag to the rack. It's full of extra stuff that didn't quite fit in my backpack. Pushing off with one foot while barely getting the other leg over, I rocket off in a whirlwind of pedaling. Just as I bail from the orifice of the parking structure, I engage my lights. Traffic signals obeying my whim, I whisk to the bus stop to catch the one and only Antioch Express. Once on board, I'm reminded by a passenger that my helmet is blinking. I chuckle and shut it off.

All this to put myself in a position to swing by Turner's on the way home -- before eighteen hundred hours. I got my FinishLine Wax and got out in a hurry (after paying, of course). Mission Accomplished!

This morning was similarly hurried. I got out late, fought a headwind that tried its best to push through my clothing, and got to the bus without so much as an ephemeral moment to catch my breath. People were boarding. Lorin's bike was there on the rack already. It was seconds away from departure. The bus driver waited while I situated my bike. A few wanna-be-clever folks kibitzed about my timing.

My clothing rocked this morning. 12 degrees Fahrenheit. I wore the same as yesterday morning minus the hoodie, plus flannel pants and an extra layer of socks (with Warren's patent-pending bag corner trick)

Random Tunage:
Lords of Acid - Must increase my bust (this track is a riot!)
Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon

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