Friday, January 04, 2008

Heat Wave!

Yesterday, Lorin's bike chain was so rusted that I was gnashing my teeth riding next to him just listening to it. I spent a good hour or so tearing my bike apart and tidying up the drivetrain last night just because that's how bad Lorin's chain was! I took the above photo after I was done. That work ate a bit into my sleepy-time, but it was worth it. Shifting this morning was a lot smoother.

Temperature on departure: 30*F (-1C) What a stark contrast to Wednesday morning! I actually had to check my cold-weather clothing log just to jog my memory and figure out where to start. The closest temperature I could find was 36 degrees, and I should have probably taken the advice to wear thermals under my cargo pants, or something to keep my knees warm. 30 degrees is just a hair too cold for a single layer on my legs. It wasn't bad, but my knees got a little chilly. The Underarmour shirt with a windbreaker was perfect, and the Specialized Deflect gloves -- as usual -- rock.

Lorin's chain wasn't any better today, so I hope he gets it fixed up this weekend. While grabbing my morning java with him, I also saw JR again for the first time in what seems like weeks. He'd been besieged by what sounds like a rather nasty stomach flu, which explains his truancy. Heebie Jeebies.

Tonight, my family is celebrating my mother's birthday by participating in the mass consumption of charred mammal flesh. I'm also supposed to have my regular first-Friday meeting at the Maul, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.

I am kind of joking about 30 degrees being a heat wave, but there's really one on its way. We've got temperatures approaching 60 in the forecast for the weekend, and I fully intend on hitting the bike paths with my wife. I may even keep the road bike out for the early part of next week, as it looks like we're going to ride the tide of above-freezing highs for a few more days. I hope this makes it out to Indiana for Apertome and Dan to enjoy, as they've had even colder temperatures to endure than we've had out here in KC.

Random Tunage:
Orbital - Belfast (Leama & Moor Remake)
Way Out West - Apollo


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the warm temps here in Columbus,Ohio also. We have'nt had the ice that you folks have had and our snowfall is about average. This is my first winter-ridin' season. So far things are working out OK. Not as bad as I thought riding in the cold. Reading your blog and others has inspired me that it's possible to ride year round. Thanks. ScottNorthSide

Dan said...

No doubt! It's been freezing here in IN. Unfortunately, the heat wave is bring rain along with it. I'm hoping for a window for a ride or two this weekend.

Jon said...

Well, it's approaching 60 degrees on my front porch, here in Denver. So, warm weather is definitely headed your way. Enjoy it!

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