Friday, January 18, 2008

I want to do this one of these days

Somehow I think my Sorrento isn't quite up to the task.


Chris said...

Sweet video, but are you sure it's the Sorrento and NOT you that is up for the challenge? Some of those landing ramps are pretty darn skinny and the fall is a bit too high for my tastes. ;)

Noah said...

"I want to be able to do this one of these days" was too long but technically more accurate. There are a few really skinny sections, true.

Most of the ladder bridges would suck to fall from, but it isn't going to be that bad. There are plenty of singletrack trails where you have to stay in an area that narrow and do just fine. Somehow, it's psychologically more intimidating when there's a plummet instead of a crash as your punishment. It probably wouldn't suck any worse to bail off one of those than to catch a tree with a handlebar at speed though.

I think I could build up to it. Right now, however, the Sorrento is more than enough bike for me. That is to say I am even less ready for that than my beater MTB is.

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