Friday, January 18, 2008

Heat Wave! But it's still in the 20s...

Sometime around midnight, temps across KC were in the single digits. This doesn't surprise me, as even on my commute yesterday, I watched as temps fell from 25 degrees to 20 while I was en route. That's a lot of degrees to lose in a short period of time. Clouds moved in during the wee hours and got things to a comparatively balmy 23 degrees by the time I started my ride to the bus. I'd call a 20 degree warm-up in a six-hour span a heat wave.

It was a hammer-fest today, with a little bit of the old off-road. As I approached the Maul, I eschewed the road in favor of the snow-covered knoll. I took it at speed, too, which was fun and slightly scary. It's only about 60 feet long, with maybe a 10 or 15 foot drop. It's not that steep, but there are mounds of plow-piled snow and a curb with icy pavement awaiting me at the base. I barreled through the obstacles, which at least makes me feel like I'm using my Goat to some of its potential.

There's a chance I'll be working from home sometime this weekend, and then I've got Monday off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Since I'm in the financial industry, Stock Market closures are used to mark paid holidays at the company I work for. I'll probably still be out at the Monday night ride. If you don't hear from me until then, you know why. I'm probably going to take it easy this weekend, but as ambivalent and A.D.D.-prone as I tend to be, it's hard to know what's going to happen.

Random Tunage:
Eiffel 65 - Blue
Barenaked Ladies - One Week

Argh. I'm gonna have Blue stuck in my head all day. "Da ba deee da ba diiii..." Or maybe it'll be BNL. Egad. Attack of the 90's tracks.


Jon said...

Same thing here: 17 degrees as I left the house this morning, compared to 5, yesterday.

It's not the heat, it's the humidity...

dvicci said...

But with the 70% humidity (as of this writing), it's hard to call it a dry heat.

along the lines of barreling through obstacles, I look forward to taking the panniers and racks off the Kona and putting her back where she belongs... it's been a long time since I've done any trail riding.

Monday is a holiday. Use that time to build up a few muscle fibers! It's sedentary all weekend for me, but come Monday, I'll be up early for a cold trek out to Lawrence and back... care to join me?

Noah said...

Tempting, that.

My wife works graveyards so she'll have all of Monday off. It really depends on what she has planned and if I can get our discombobulated apartment back in some semblance of order before then. I've been slackin' off.

If I do ride to Larry town with ya, I will scratch Monday night off of my list.

I do have the PHP User Group meeting tomorrow, though. I might ride to that. It's at 135th and Quivira and I'm ar 87th and Quivira. It's a nice ride, but mid-day on Quivira often implies a bit of sidewalk riding (mostly the uphill death slogs near I-435). Maybe I'll get more riding in than I'd thought.

dvicci said...

Just let me know, you're more than welcome (and company always makes rides go quicker and easier).

The route I'll take is here , minus the Clinton Dam detour. I drive to Olathe to start, if only b/c I haven't looked for a good way to get to Lawrence from my front door, and I'm not ready for the extra miles this year yet. Alternatively, there's this route, which is just as good, and slightly more hilly in spots.

I'd like to get on the saddle around 10 at the latest. Too much later and darkness creeps in towards the end of the ride.

Just let me know if you're in.

Apertome said...

I hope you enjoy your three-day weekend. Ride a few extra miles on my behalf.

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