Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mark kicked our butts last night!

Photo: Mark Thomas' CX Whoops from the race on Nov. 4th. Shamelessly grabbed from ©hrisGo!'s Flickr Album. Mark returned the favor by passing the punishment on to us last night. Oh, it was loads of fun, mind you. But damn.

About 15 riders took the the road last night, and we went on a few little excursions. A few grassy fields. A few back yards. A few dicey curb-hopping sections. A few short but ridiculous hills. Oh yes. There were several "Mark Thomas special stages" last night. I enjoyed them on the mountain bike, but I also had to stop for supper and groceries on the way home, too.

Truth be told, I really needed exactly what I got last night. As I use my road bike less and less, preparing to switch to the Sorrento for full-time duty very soon, I really need more miles, and tougher terrain on my Sorrento to get into the groove. I'm actually looking forward to some more fun stuff like this on Mondays. The colder it gets, the more "hard core" the average Monday night attendee is, and the more likely we are to do a few crazy things. It's not that I don't like the other people that show up, but I enjoy it when a small group can really go bananas once in a while.

I was worn out last night. I crashed shortly after my wife left for work, slept like a baby all night, and barely woke up in time to let my wife in this morning. I took the Trek to the bus, too. It was about 41 degrees when I left, but it's supposed to be mid-60s later this afternoon. I opted to NOT wear heavy gear this morning. Just blue jeans and a short-sleeve t-shirt, fingerless gloves and a headband for my ears. I packed shorts for the return trip, but that's it. Yes, it was a chilly ride to the bus, but I pushed pretty hard all the way there without sweating. I didn't regret my clothing choice, and it'll save a lot of excess bulk and hassle when I prepare for my homeward journey.

Alas, now I'm neck-deep in work stuff until it's time for another bike ride. Where the heck is my coffee?!

Random Tunage:
Alphaville - Forever Young
Yaz - Only You

Oh yes -- 80's fever. Woot!

1 comment:

Apertome said...

Man, that sounds like a fun ride. I am really not getting many rides in these days and when I do, I really relish each one. It sounds like you're still riding quite a bit -- good work, man!

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