Monday, November 12, 2007

Decent weekend, beautiful morning

Last night I took my sis-in-law's new bike out to her and got it all adjusted. She has a job a few miles from home, near Crown Center, so it should work pretty well. Right now, she's blowing $60 a month on bus fares. She'll still have to pay for some bus fares when she has to take my niece to day care, but this should help her out quite a bit.

I bought a lock and chain (ghetto rigged the same way as the chain I use to lock up at work) for her, and donated one of my reflective ankle bands and one of my emergency tail lights, which isn't very bright - I told her where to get some good lights for cheap or free. Heather needed a new backpack for her college classes, so my wife also tossed in a backpack she bought last year but hasn't been using much, and some goodies for our niece. If this works out well for her, I told her I'd meet her halfway on a new set of tires. They're $15 each at a local shop -- they're a really obscure size, but the guy at Turner's always stocks some oddball tires for people like me.

Of all the people on my wife's side of the family (aside from my wife, that is), Heather's pretty much the only one that's shown any level of responsibility lately. I know a $15 bike, a lock and chain, and some miscellaneous gear isn't much, but I believe in my heart that it will go a long way. She earned it.

There's rain in the forecast for today, and I'd already had my mind set of mountain biking to the bus this morning. I'll make it up by hitting the recovery ride tonight. It was a wonderful 62 degrees when I left, and 66 or so by the time I showed up in the parking garage at work. The thick, grey cloud cover overhead displayed a few deep violet and red gashes of bloody sky, lit up by the obscured sun. It was quite a sight.

Random Tunage:
Bloc Party - I Still Remember
Agnelli & Nelson - El NiƱo

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