Tuesday, October 09, 2007


This morning, I was extra-tired. Mostly, this was due to some consulting work I'm doing on the side that kept me up pretty late. I've had this project on my plate for a few months and really have to get crackin' on it, but keep running into hang-ups. I was up past my bedtime between working on this project and chatting with my wife while she worked.

Anyhow, when I got to the bus stop, there was a guy there on an iridescent magenta girl's Roadmaster Mt. Climber. Shortly after I arrived, Lorin showed up. The D (DREADED!) bus whizzed by without even slowing down. It usually swings through the Mall parking lot a few minutes before my Express bus. So, with three bicycles at the bus stop, we started kind of hinting at the fact that someone was going to have to lug their bike inside the bus.

The guy with the Roadmaster pipes up that he was waiting for the D bus, which he had obviously seen as it passed by. I asked where he was going, figuring he might be headed downtown. If that was the case, the Express bus could get him there. It turns out he wanted to be 2 miles up the road. 2 freaking miles. The bus fare within the county is $1.25. I just don't get it. Then again, cyclists aren't known for being normal, and a guy on a magenta girl's k-mart bike shouldn't be expected to be any more normal than, say... me, for example. If you didn't know it yet, I'm a moderately strange guy -- definitely not normal.

I don't know what came of his situation. The express bus driver radioed the bus that didn't stop, but I don't know if the bus was going to turn around or if the helpless fellow was going to have to wait for the next bus, or -- horror of horrors -- be forced to ride 2 miles to his final destination.

On a weather note, it was 50 degrees this morning and they're calling for a high of 80 or so. I'm growing weary of carrying an entire wardrobe with me so that I can ride.

Random Tunage:
Bryan Adams - Summer of '69
Filter - Hey man nice shot

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Anonymous said...

i hear ya on the wardrobe...crikey.

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