Friday, October 05, 2007

Quick jaunt to the mall, walking downtown, and coffee

I took the Outlook to the Mall as bare as it gets. When I arrived, I strapped it to a tree with two cable locks, removed anything of value from it (lights, computer, etc) and locked my helmet to it by passing both cable locks through the vents, but took the helmet mirror with me in my backpack along with the lighting gear. With that, I hopped on the bus. I hope my stuff is still there when I get back.

Lorin was there, and he walked his bike to coffee instead of riding. We were discussing the new wave of portable media players such as the iPod touch and the Zune 2. I'm kind of a curmudgeon about these new-fangled devices. Sure, I like gadgets. I suppose the iPod touch isn't *that* bad. But still, Apple's music player options are usually a bit lacking in the features department. I'm not sure why they made the Touch a flash-only player, for example. I'm sitting here listening to my rockin' Sharp MiniDisc player (shown above).

Anyhow, when we got to Starbucks, JR was drinking coffee and rifling through his camera looking at some pictures he'd taken recently, likely some stuff he's going to be putting on Craigslist, I'd imagine. I didn't ask.

Lorin, JR and I got to talking about Folding Bikes. I pulled up some information and we looked at a few of them. The discussion changed over to MacOS X as Lorin was interested in how my mac has the ability to easily zoom the screen to make it easier for visually-impaired or further-away people to see objects on the screen. Then we talked about old-school games, old-school computers and other nerdy stuff.

I hiked the last half-mile or so to work where I'll be for half the day. Not a lot of riding today.

Random Tunage:
Some stuff I recorded off of LFO Radio last night

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Apertome said...

I'm the same way -- the closest thing I've owned to an mp3 player is a Discman that can play mp3 CDs. I like it because it's cheap and I can burn about 10 hours of music to one CD with good quality. And it's infinitely expandable, since CD-Rs are so cheap.

I almost took the plunge on our vacation when the mp3 cds I burned weren't working right (turns out the player doesn't like VBR) but managed to hold out. I like gadgets too, but I'm just not that impressed with mp3 players, and especially not iPods.

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