Monday, October 15, 2007


On my way home this evening, my front tire washed out, flinging me into a curb along Quivira Rd. Front wheel is a tiny bit out of true and there's a few scrapes on the hoods, levers. My saddle was also twisted about 15 degrees. Other than that, bike seems okay. My wrists, though, are on fire. The left one will be okay, but my right one is sprained really, really badly. It's possibly fractured. I'm going to keep it cold and see if the swelling goes down. It's not displaying the classic signs of a fractured wrist, but I can't even lift my laptop up with my right hand.

I'm fortunate to be ambidextrous. Actually, I was born a lefty but forced into a right-handedness by my kindergarten teacher. I kept most of my left hand motor skill, though.

So, if it's not any better tomorrow, I'll probably go see a physician. I may end up walking to the Dreaded bus tomorrow.

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