Monday, October 15, 2007

I Trekked to the bus stop

The storm that was making its way across the midwest ended up dissipating and weakening quite a bit overnight, but not before dumping some moisture on my little part of the universe. With rain-soaked roads, I didn't feel like riding all the way downtown. Glare from oncoming cars makes me harder to see, and I just don't like getting wet and staying that way for an hour or so on my bike. I ended up riding the Trek to the bus stop. I also used my backpack instead of the panniers for reasons too trivial to discuss here.

I dressed a little cooler this morning. It's not quite 60 degrees but I stayed with shorts and a t-shirt. It was fine while I was riding, but pretty chilly once I stopped to wait for the bus. It'll definitely be nice to not have to carry a bunch of extra clothes home with me this afternoon. I'll be getting a nice, hot mocha in a bit. Hopefully that warms me up.

Also, the Monday night recovery ride is no longer the Trek Store ride, because it's no longer at the Trek Store. We'll be meeting at a little mexican place in Overland Park for the forseeable future. Now, if only I can find the most efficient way to get there on my bike...

Random Tunage:
Underworld - Cowgirl
Hybrid - If I Survive

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