Monday, September 24, 2007

That was quick

I was jammin' on it pretty good all the way to work this morning, just as planned. I didn't break my average speed record to the brewery, but I tied it at 19.2 MPH. Amazingly, even after slogging into the downtown loop, I managed to hold on to an 18 MPH average. Usually, my average speed plummets during the slog -- I lose 2 MPH, give or take.

I got to the coffee shop a few minutes before it opened, only sat around long enough to chug my mocha, then bolted. I saw Bob, Lorin and JR, but didn't exchange much more than greetings with any of them. I got to work at 7:00 sharp.

Today's another half day, so I get to dodge lunch traffic on the way home.

Random Tunage:
4 Strings - Let it rain
Orbital - Satan (Industry Standard)

1 comment:

Sirrus Rider said...

Lucky you to be able to ride home in full sun. Usually, I start my commute in the dark and come home in the afternoon as the sun is going down.. Enjoy!

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