Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hecktic couple of days

Quick recap:
Yesterday: Rode to Lulu's for lunch, took the bus home. Got the road bike ready for action.

This morning: Rode all the way, had some quick coffee and didn't see another bicycle the entire trip, none.

Lunch: Rode to Jimmy John's for a sammich. Damn, they're fast. I called the order in as I stepped out the door. When I arrived, I was in and out with lunch-in-hand in quite literally 30 seconds. Just amazing. Good food, too, but kind of $$$ for what you get.

This afternoon: Took the bus home (I'm lazy) and ran out to get some grub for my wife. Came home, got the bike stripped down, threw it on the truck and drove to my old apartment. From there, I rode to the 127th street planning meeting. After that, I swung by the grocery store for supper, which included a sushi tray :)

Anyhow, the 127th street planning meeting was helpful and a lot more organized than before. Cyclists showed up in droves, and there are still some ill-informed people who think that taking away the bike lanes will let them keep all of their property. Truth be told, they're going with 4' wide bike lanes and 11' wide traffic lanes. These are all about 1' each narrower than comparable arterials and bike lanes. They are using less green space and going with a traditional sidewalk instead of a wide multi-use path in some places. All of these are measures to reduce the impact on the right-of-way. If they took out the bike lanes, the same width would be utilized and no land would be spared. I think we made a positive impact, though. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Tomorrow, I plan on riding all the way again. We'll see how that pans out. Sorry for being a little radio silent lately. It's been kind of a nightmare with the audit deadlines at work.

Random Tunage:
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Pump Mix)
Depeche Mode - Confusion (Pump Panel Remix from the Blade soundtrack)

Yes, totally random from nearly 800 of the top-rated tracks in my library.


Sirrus Rider said...

How are you handling that sushi? Are you running with a cooler?

Noah said...

No, just double-bagged it and ate it when I got home.

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