Thursday, September 27, 2007

127th street meeting Thursday 9/27 - Be there!

In case you missed it here, here or here, there's another meeting about the 127th street improvement project. On the docket are some real hot-button issues, with Bike Lanes being in the crosshairs of angry citizens. Come out to Santa Fe Trail Junior High (NE Corner of 127th/Harold and Ridgeview in Olathe) at 7:00PM this evening to show your support. Critical information can be found on Bring your bike. Wear your helmet indoors to show your support.

Additionally, Johnson County Bicycle Club is hosting a Ride and Speak-Up event. A convoy of bicycles will leave 54th street bar and grill by the Great Mal of the Great Plains, and ride to the school. Information available on It's getting darker early, so be sure to wear your reflective gear. Helmets and lights absolutely required if you're participating in the pre/post ride.

This isn't just about what's going to happen to the 2-mile stretch of 127th street in question. This is about how transportation funds are allocated. This is about how the whole community can utilize the road and the city's right-of-way. This is about setting a precedent for future roadway renovation projects all over the greater KC area, but especially here in Johnson County. PLEASE come out and show your support.

I hope to see you there!

More of my rants and ramblings about the 127th street saga and bicycle amenities in Olathe in general:

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