Friday, August 10, 2007

No news is good news, right?

There wasn't really anything worth mentioning last night other than Hybrid-Zilla's bottom bracket evolving from a tick to a half-rotation creaking noise. I've been too busy to tear it apart, but I'm kind of wondering if the non-drive crank isn't just loose from the sounds I'm hearing. The crock-pot of doom that is the midwest was as sticky and hot as ever last night.

This morning, I was greeted with a few miles of Merriam Lane that had been chewed up for (much needed) resurfacing. Only the outer part of the lane was stripped of the top layer of asphalt, but as this stretch of road is one lane in either direction, I was forced to use the left part of the lane. Let's say that I made a few new motorist friends this morning.

I'm back on the road bike and was pondering a full round-trip today regardless of temperatures and humidity, but there's no way I'm braving Merriam Lane in rush hour torn up the way it is.

Random Tunage:
Mellomaniacs - Tribute to 1998 (Cover of Binary Finary - 1998)
Angelo Badalamenti - Falling (some unknown electronic/chill remix)


Apertome said...

Good luck tracking down those bottom bracket noises.

I always hate it when construction throws a wrench into my commute route. It doesn't happen often around here, but I've got my commute timed too closely and the slightest change can throw me off and make me late. It's my fault, but I hate when it happens.

Sirrus Rider said...

The only thing worse is when they tear up the road and leave giant holes without covering them or marking them. I nearly did an endo trying to avoid one the other day.

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