Thursday, August 09, 2007


We had a heck of a gullywasher last night. The ground is wet and the air is almost humid enough to drown you.

I took my Diamondback Outlook (ticking bottom bracket and all!) to the mall. This is going to be a low-miles week. The rain didn't cool it down much, but I'd bet it'll make for suffocating conditions this evening. Now where'd I put my stillsuit?

Random Tunage:
The Distance - Measure
Dirty Vegas - Days go by


Apertome said...

I'm not sure I've heard the term "gullywasher" before, but I like it.

Don't feel bad, you've ridden a lot more miles this week than I have.

Noah said...

In Indiana? Just a few states over from me?

Obviously it means an impromptu strong storm that dumps a bunch of water, then vanishes. It started raining about 11:30 PM, and it was clear skies above by 5:00 when I got up.

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