Friday, August 03, 2007

A little extra speed this morning

I was a little bit faster this morning, despite still not getting a whole lot of sleep and being under-fueled for the ride in to work. I started getting pretty hungry about 10 miles in. I have a water bottle full of Hydr8 with me that I intended to use for the ride home, so I took a couple swigs of it instead of my usual water to try to delay the Bonk Of Doom. It helped a little but the death slog up Baltimore was slower than usual. I'm still staying out of the granny ring. I don't even know if my bike will shift to it anymore, I haven't tried lately. My usual morning mocha took the edge off my hunger once I got downtown.

Since I was a little quicker, Lorin wasn't around. By the time I got my drink, he was strolling in, though. I was in line behind no-helmet headphone-wearing city-worker bike girl this morning. Usually, I see her ride by; I've never seen her stop for coffee before. I had to bite my tongue, as "what the hell are you thinking out there!?" almost escaped from my mouth. Oh well. It won't be my problem when she cracks the ol' noggin open and can only speak in vowels. Shortly after she left, I saw a construction worker pull up on an old beat-up cruiser singlespeed with its handlebars mounted upside down. Like bullhorns but different. I see the bike on occasion but don't think I've ever gotten pictures of it. The rider was using his hard hat as a bike helmet. While I don't think it would stay on his head in all crash circumstances, at least he gets some props for a unique way of carrying his work gear on his bike, and he KIND of has head protection.

Yep. The bike commuters are out in droves today!

Random Tunage:
Pole Folder - Waxxx
Lisa Loeb - Stay (unplugged)


amidnightrider said...

The heat you had the past weeks has arrived in the East. On my ride last night, every time I stopped, (usually to retrieve my pump), I was sweating like an NBA player at the foul line in overtime. It was pouring off me, but it did not bother me in the least. I may do it again tonight.

Frogman said...

QT kicks all other gas stations to the curb in terms of cleanliness and customer service. I also love that Hydr8 and Gatoraid are available from the fountains in most QTs. That saves a ton of cash by buying a 32oz cups worth over paying over twice as much for a 32oz bottle from the fridge.

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