Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Excuse the hurried paintbrush-attempt at modifying the logo of a large nation-wide sandwich franchise.

On Tuesday, Subway has a deal where you can get a foot-long sandwich for the price of a half. This is an undeniably good deal. At the same time, it's a gluttonous amount food for the average human to gnaw on in a single sitting.

I won't lie. I was ravenous by 11:00. I still had to think twice about pigging out on a foot-long sub. I asked the lady behind the counter for a favor. All I wanted was a half sandwich with double meat and cheese, for the reduced price of a foot-long. This would give me the protein I need, without eating almost a pound of bread. They rejected my request. After arguing with them and pointing out the logistics that they are selling a WHOLE sandwich but only using half a loaf of bread (thus saving them money) they still wouldn't see things my way. I walked out of the store disgusted and carrying a foot-long cold-cut sandwich with only lettuce, tomato and black olives, and a side of apple slices for dessert.

Of course, when I sat down in the break room, I promptly disassembled the culinary cluster-eff of a sandwich, moved the toppings of one half onto the other, wadded up the remainder of the bread and made a perfectly doughy bank-shot into the wastebasket.

What a bunch of morons.


martinoffroad said...

Reminds me of Jack Nicholson's chicken salad dialogue, from the movie "Five Easy Pieces"

Apertome said...

Yeah, that is stupid. I'm sure the sales are set at some corporate office, and they probably aren't allowed to make changes like that, even if it makes perfect sense.

On the other hand, the Subway near us will only charge us for one foot-long sandwich if Sarah and I both order the same kind of 6-inch sub, even if the toppings are different -- so long as the meat is the same.

And yes, I am a *nix geek, mostly in the form of Linux and FreeBSD. Unfortunately, my current job has me working mostly with MS stuff, but hopefully someday I can get back to more unixy stuff. But I'm managing to squeeze in more and more Linux work here already :)

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