Sunday, June 24, 2007

Almost moved

Photo: My computer desk set-up. The illuminated Sun Ultra 5 and Solaris are obvious. Lurking in the shadows: A SparcStation 5, MacBook, AirPort Express, and M-Audio MIDI keyboard. The blue crescent is the yoga ball that is the cheapest and best office chair I've ever owned.

So yesterday, Frogman came over in his pick-up truck to help me ferry the remaining large items at the old apartment. We ended up only needing the pickup for the dresser, then made a few more trips in the Explorer. It was nice having some extra hands. Yesterday, we basically completed the bedroom. I'll get pictures of that soon enough. The kitchen, dining room, and living room will take a while, as we have new furniture coming in a few weeks.

Except for getting to and from work, I haven't been riding much at all during the transplant between apartments. I miss it a lot. I haven't looked at my spreadsheet, but if I recall correctly, I haven't gotten on my bike "just to ride" in almost 2 weeks. Hopefully as the madness winds down, that will change.

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