Thursday, June 14, 2007

11 minutes flat

No, I didn't get another flat. I arrived at the bus exactly 11 minutes after I left. I took my old, old, old commute route on 119th street. I initially left home as planned, right on time to get to the bus, before realizing that my bike lock was sitting at home next to my mountain bike. I was already half a mile out, but I wasn't going to go to work without a bike lock! I turned around and went home.

Knowing full well that I was going to miss the 6:30 stop, I departed from home for the second time at 6:21. I decided to take 119th since it's almost half a mile shorter. I had to fight with traffic, but it paid off. I rolled up at 6:32 and the bus was just starting to roll. The driver saw me and waited, though. Thanks! I wondered why he'd be leaving late, but now that I'm on the bus comparing the time on my bike computer with the rest of the universe, I see that it's running 2 minutes fast. I think I did that on purpose last time I had to adjust the time. It's been a few months. Rolling time of the first part of my trip (out and back home to pick up the lock) was 4m 35s. The rolling time of the second part of my trip was 10m 10s.

I remember when I had my first x-mart bike, this trip used to take me 20 to 25 minutes every day. I don't like this route at all, but it's fun to compare it to last September when I was just starting out.


A Midnight Rider said...

Lots of Kansas City news lately. A shootout yesterday. I'm still not sure in which Kansas City your riding. KS, MO, or both.

I am getting more fit with the extended rides also. If I could only control my sweet tooth, I'd be wearing size 34's by now.

Apertome said...

Sometimes I question whether it's worthwhile tracking all my miles, but looking back and seeing how I've improved is hugely satisfying, so I keep it up. It can also give me some extra motivation if I can see that I've been slacking off.

Dan said...

I amazed that your buses are so reliable. I take rides to lunch from time to time, and I never know when to expect a pickup - they can vary by 10 minutes either way. Plus, without very many students on campus during the summer, they seem to run a little early.

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